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Parents Area

Parents Area


A CCTV system has been installed at AFFRA SCHOOLS to let parents keep watch over their children on a computer or smartphone when they are at work. This will help parents to have peace of mind while at work and not to worry about their loved ones.

There is nothing more precious to a parent than their child.When you give them to someone else to look after it is a huge thing for parents because they are the most important thing in the whole wide world.“But with this they can log on and watch them having fun.

Parent’s Comments 2016
Question 1: What do you enjoy about Affra Schools?

Question 2: What improvements have you seen in your child since joining Affra Schools?

English with correct British pronunciation and accent will be taught. Moral values to grow as a good human being will be given. (as seen from your website). All toys are having good quality standards.It has been just one month since he attended the school. There has is an increase in total activities and he became more social.He eagerly wants to go to school every day. He studied more number of English rhymes with good pronunciation. He studied the colors and basic English. He likes the teachers very much. He got a certain order in his daily activities after started

I like the cleanliness and attitude of the school staff.I noticed my child trying to communicate in English and singing nursery rhymes.The preschool teacher is great with kids.

Good atmosphere, like homely feeling for kids. Good collections of toys for child’s development and fun. For parents, Peace of mind, any time we can see the child. Very friendly and sincere approach of teachers towards kids and parents.My child under three years of age learn to speak, learn alphabets, numbers, and manners which is a great achievement!

Opportunity to interact with foreign faculties. Presence of surveillance cameras. Located at a walkable distance from home.Learned new things. Learned basic etiquette, The play group class has rubber mats on the floor which will protect the child from getting hurt. As the school is located close to Technopark we can pick and drop the child on time.