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About Us


About Us

We believe that more learning in Kindergarten will occur if the student has a desire to learn, has positive feelings concerning his/her school environment, and succeeds in his/her work. A comfortable atmosphere of caring and acceptance established by the school is considered important, so that each student is encouraged to strive for excellence and to be creative. An aesthetically pleasing environment with a view to appreciation of beauty and order enhances this. Each Preschool student’s possibility of success increases when he/she works at the appropriate level of difficulty and senses positive expectations from his/her teachers.

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For a useful and meaningful life we encourage the development of personal qualities leading to acceptable values and harmonious relationships. Area objectives include: To encourage an understanding of one’s self with a view to developing acceptable values such as patience, kindness, unselfishness, honesty, and consideration for others. To provide a positive and secure atmosphere, treating the students honestly and fairly. To encourage each student to feel good about himself and to help him promote similar feelings in fellow students. To provide guidance in problem solving and decision making situations. To develop a sense of responsibility and to encourage leadership.

We believe it is essential to have an awareness of the value of protecting and improving our environment. Area objectives include: To develop an awareness of environmental concerns such as overpopulation, pollution, waste of natural resources, destruction of wildlife and natural areas, and personal health. To promote a concern for the protection of the environment. To provide activities and projects for students which involve them in improving the environment.

We are located in the heart of Trivandrum city, 5 minutes away from Trivandrum International Airport, 10 minutes away from the Technopark as well as Infosys Technology park in Trivandrum. The ideal location has got two access roads to avoid the traffic during the rush hours enabling parents to drop the child on time for the play school or Kindergarten.

Affra schools services include a Play Group, Pre Kindergarten, LKG and UKG for children up to 5 years old. We also have standard 1 till standard 4 for the primary school with CBSC and ICSE syllabus.

Meet Our Directors

Charles Bain, AFFRA Advisor

Charles was born and raised in the UK. He is a trained and experienced electronics engineer, has taught electronics on college level and is an entrepreneur. Charles has traveled to India, Africa and many European countries as a conference speaker.

He joined AFFRA in 2010 along with his wife Judy because of their passion for quality child care and education believing this to be the pathway to higher personal fulfillment.

Judy Bain, Director AFFRA Schools

Born in the USA, Judy is an international motivational speaker/teacher in many European and African countries as well as India. She is involved in vocational education, as a life skill trainer and mentors young ladies.

Judy moved to the UK in 2004 and is married to Charles Bain. In 2010, Judy joined the AFFRA organization and has been a strong supporter of its international projects.

Justin Benjamin Pereira, Co-Founder AFFRA

Justin is the Co-founder of AFFRA SCHOOLS along with his wife Jovitha. Born in Malaysia, Justin is an entrepreneur. He and Jovitha have a heart for top quality child care and education for young children.

Having been a school administrator in other countries, he brings extensive expertise in administration and staff/parents relations.

Jovitha Ruth Pereira, Co-Founder AFFRA

Jovitha is the co-founder of AFFRA SCHOOLS and the most experienced teacher of Science in an Academy in England. She has been in this profession for the past 30 years.

Born in Malaysia, Jovitha was exposed to the British system of education from a young age.She moved to India in the 70’s and went on to complete her Master’s degree in Science in the 1989 and Bachelor’s degree in Education 1991.