17 Tips For Improving Listening And Cognitive Skills For Preschoolers

Looking for some quality time listening exercises for children that can be used either in the classroom in kindergartens near me or at home?

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Teaching your child how to listen is crucial, but it is often neglected. Fortunately, you can easily develop this skill through engaging in games and activities at preschools or kindergartens near me.

Here are some reasons why listening skill is crucial, accompanied by 17 enjoyable games and exercises to enhance your listening abilities.

The significance of listening abilities

Your child’s ability to listen will have an impact on their development.

The capacity to enhance one’s abilities in the areas of expressing thoughts and ideas through spoken or written language can be developed from the best preschool trivandrum since preschool admission.

Being able to hear and understand sounds is crucial for the process of reading.

The capacity to comprehend and carry out spoken directions in an educational setting at kindergartens near me.

The proficiency to interact and convey ideas efficiently.

One’s capability to handle various situations can be used in both home and school settings after preschool admission.

In contemporary society, kids can experience prolonged exposure to digital devices, as well as various forms of stimuli that may be excessive, while their playtime after school time in kindergartens near me has decreased substantially.

This impacts their attention span and their overall performance, particularly their aptitude for reading, which entails listening, distinguishing, and combining sounds.

With just 5 to 10 minutes of practising this skill at home on a daily basis, you can greatly improve your child’s listening ability and aid them in better managing school at best preschool trivandrum. This is encouraging news for any parent seeking to support their child’s education.

Active listening plays a critical role in the improvement of cognitive abilities.

It is ideal to initiate these activities as soon as feasible, starting with a baby’s exposure to sounds and music, and continuing throughout the preschool and primary school years at international playschool kerala.

Here are 17 fun activities and games that can help kids develop better listening skills.

Here are a variety of games, tips, and activities that you can experiment with at home, which are also great for schools such as the best kindergarten in trivandrum. The best part is that you don’t need any special tools or equipment, just a few minutes of your time.

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I have incorporated these types of educational diversions and led all of these pastimes within the academic setting, harnessing the students’ enjoyment and amusement throughout in preschool near me.

Many of these games can be enjoyed by children of kindergartens trivandrum even after their preschool years, helping them develop important listening and memory skills.

  1. Broken Telephone

A game of broken telephone being played between a mother and her child.

The game of Telephone is an enjoyable activity that can be played during family gatherings with at least three members present, even around the dinner table at home or even for international schools taught by teachers from Montessori training and Montessori teacher training.

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Begin by using individual words if your child is still very young, and then gradually transition to phrases and complete sentences as they become more skilled at listening.

Think of a word or sentence and softly communicate it to your child y teachers from teacher training in trivandrum, who then quietly passes it on to the next person at the table. The last individual to receive the message will then relay it out loud to the group.

This often leads to chuckles as the expressions frequently transform, resulting in a disrupted message. As time passes, your offspring will acquire improved listening skills and be able to communicate precise messages more effectively in kindergartens trivandrum.

Make your sentences more interesting by using alliterations, such as “Silly Sally sold seashells by the seashore,” and rhyming sentences, like “I have a cat who likes to wear a hat” as taught at teacher training in trivandrum or preschool teacher training institutes.

Switch up who whispers to whom, and encourage your kid to come up with their own messages too.

  1. Simon Says

The traditional game of Simon Says can be a great tool for teaching children to be attentive and follow instructions carefully.

To give instructions to your child, you can use phrases like “Simon says,” followed by the action you want them to perform, such as “put your hands on your shoulders.” However, if you give an example without using the phrase “Simon says,” like “Jump three times,” your child should not perform the action according to the teachers of preschool teacher training and ttc in kerala.

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Your child must listen carefully for two pieces of information for each instruction given.

“Whether they should adhere to the given instructions or not”

“What is required of them” or “What actions are necessary”.

A different version of this activity is called “Do This, Do That”.

Stand in front of your child at kindergartens trivandrum and use the phrases “do this” or “do that” while performing actions such as tapping your head, clapping your hands, or doing a jump.

When you use the phrase “do this,” your child is expected to act upon the action, while the phrase “do that” requires them to remain still.

Kids really enjoy playing this game and tend to laugh a lot while they play in international playschool kerala. They need to focus hard to avoid making any movements until they hear whether they need to do something or not.

Here are some exciting suggestions for Simon Says that will surely bring a smile to your face.

  1. Musical Statues

A mother and her daughters are participating in a game of musical statues, where participants must freeze in place when the music stops

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Children also enjoy playing the Musical Statues game as it is a popular choice among them.

All you require is some melodies and an open area to dance either at home or preschool near me. Start the music and pause it intermittently. Both you and your child should stop instantly when the music comes to a halt.

You may notice a change as your child improves their listening abilities over time as per teachings from notessori training and montessori teacher training. At first, it might take some time for your child to realize that the music has stopped and to stop dancing.

I visited the zoo and spotted a fascinating animal…

This new game is more sophisticated to play in best preschool trivandrum since preschool admission than its predecessors and prompts players to recall information from memory and listen carefully.

To start this game, pick any animal name and say, “I visited the zoo and spotted a monkey.”

Your kid replies by saying, “I visited the zoo where I watched a monkey and a lion.”

You reply, “I visited the zoo and saw a monkey, lion, and tortoise.”

On every turn, kindly mention all the animals that were previously listed in a particular sequence, and then introduce a new animal. Please avoid the repetition of any animal.

At first, this may be tricky, but with time you will be amazed at how many animals your child can remember from international playschool kerala.

This activity becomes simpler when played with a larger group since it is comparatively more straightforward to relate words with different individuals than to remember ten phrases from a single player. Hence, it is recommended to invite siblings, parents, and grandparents to join in.

After several practice attempts, most six-year-olds were able to recollect all of the words spoken by their entire class of 20 to 25 kids at best play school.

This activity can be customized to include any type of list, such as “I visited the store and purchased a…” or “My fruit salad contains…”.

Which of these is different?

The game “Which one is the odd one out” is designed to enhance one’s listening skills of kids in kindergartens near me by focusing on a specific piece of information.

Provide your child from the preschools with a series of words related to a specific theme and ask them to identify the word that doesn’t fit in.


The fruits listed are apples, bananas, pears, and apricot, along with an animal known as a leopard. ##

Leopard is a living creature, while the other words in the group refer to various types of fruits.

To begin, use a straightforward illustration such as this one, and later, either make the classifications less apparent or use words that belong to a slightly different category.

For instance, enumerate a group of product types and incorporate one fruit, or enumerate a group of pessimistic feelings and append a positive emotion.

“What’s That Noise?”

This activity involves identifying common sounds from daily life by carefully listening and recognizing them.

The child is attentively listening, with a hand held up to their ear.

Have your child at preschools in trivandrum close their eyes or turn around, and then move around the room while creating sounds with different objects that are commonly used in daily life. Afterwards, ask them to guess what each sound corresponds to.

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Sounds can be produced in any space, be it the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even outdoors for kindergartens near me. Examples of sounds that can be made include:

Please unlatch the door to the refrigerator.

Turn on the blender.

“Raise and shut the swinging garbage can.”

Remove one ice cube from the ice tray.

Turn the tap on.

peel a banana

boil the kettle

Take a walk with the sole purpose of actively listening to the sounds around you.

A mother and her daughter taking a listening walk together.

This activity in best preschool trivandrum is fantastic, not just for enhancing auditory abilities but also for training mental attentiveness and steering clear of overthinking that needs to be taught right from preschool admission. Additionally, it’s suitable for adults as well.

Go outside and take a stroll with your child, whether it be around the garden or down the street to a nearby park. The sounds around you in the garden can provide ample entertainment for your child at the best kindergarten in trivandrum and international playschool kerala.

Share all the different sounds that you can hear, such as the rustling of leaves, the barking of a dog, the sound of a car passing by on a motorway, the chirping of birds, the screaming of a child, the blaring of a siren, and more.

Did you catch the number of things you heard?

This game played for teachers of teacher training in trivandrum and preschool teacher training is a version of the one mentioned earlier, and it requires the ability to listen and memorize information.

Ask your kid to shut their eyes and set a 30-second timer on your mobile. Request them to listen attentively and attempt to recollect all the sounds they heard, if possible, in sequence.

Make a list of all the sounds you hear and keep track of how many different sounds you hear. As you continue, try to focus on listening for at least one minute instead of just 30 seconds.

One way to gain knowledge and inspiration is to listen to stories.

Towards the end of the article, you will find a compilation of printable materials containing amusing tales intended for your children’s enjoyment.

Provide multiple instructions to ensure the reader has clear and concise guidance.

Provide your child studying in kindergarten trivandrum with clear instructions while completing household chores or cooking together. Begin with one instruction, such as asking them to bring you the book that is located next to your bed.

Ask your child to reiterate the instructions to you, and then proceed to follow them accordingly.

Increase the number of instructions to two. Retrieve the book located next to my bed, open it, and extract the cut-out recipe from the front cover.

Ask your child to repeat both instructions and ensure that they follow them.

Gradually increase the number of instructions until you are able to provide five instructions at once, as this is a valuable exercise in the classroom where multiple instructions are commonly given.

Here are a few enjoyable two-step instructions that preschoolers taught by teachers trained at montessori training can follow.

An entertaining technique to enhance preschoolers’ listening skills is by introducing them to action rhymes that require them to follow given instructions, such as the example below.

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A kid is singing a song or rhyme while performing physical actions.

Hands-on Shoulders

Hands-on shoulders,

hands on knees.

Hands behind you,

if you please;

Touch your shoulders,

now your nose,

Then your hair, and then your toes;

Raise your hands in the air.

Lower your arms and run your fingers through your hair.

Raise your hands up high just like you did before.

Let’s applaud by clapping our hands, starting from one to four.

Here are some additional enjoyable songs with lyrics that involve movement.

“Create a story on the spot”

Before going to sleep, you can collaborate with someone to create an amusing tale by each taking turns adding a single line, and discovering where the story leads.

Once in the past, there existed a small female child as narrated by her mother.

The little girl was having an argument with her brother.

They suddenly heard a loud noise, prompting them to approach the window.

Encourage good listening behaviour as a positive model for others to follow.

It is a known fact that if you want your children to develop good listening skills, you must demonstrate that behaviour.

Listen attentively to what others are saying and make sure to show them that you understand and respect their perspective. It is also important to lend an ear to your family members and take heed of what they say.

Encouraging and praising individuals for their active listening skills is an essential way to

And finally…

When your child listens well, it’s important to praise them using precise language.

Instead of using the phrase ‘what a good boy’, try to make statements like:

You did an excellent job paying attention to all of the instructions provided.

Based on the image you shared, it appears that you were focused on following my guidance.

Great job on focusing today!


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