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Elevating Pedagogy and Best Practices

Empowering Educators: The Essence of Teacher Training

Teacher training is the cornerstone of educational excellence, equipping educators with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to mold young minds. This transformative process empowers teachers to create engaging and inclusive learning environments, ensuring every student receives a quality education. 

Topic 1 – Management

Business planning

Factors influencing the planning – Infrastructure, Time, Location, Staff, and cost.

Students will know about the key factors to considered in starting a kindergarten.

Canvassing and Marketing


Different types of canvassing and marketing tools. Social media advertisements and digital marketing. Traditional methods.

Students will know the kind of tools they can use to increase enrolment/strength of their business.

Financial Management


School finance, budgeting, costing, payroll, running expenses, construction purpose, housekeeping and other related expenses.

Students will understand how to do the financial activities.


Office management, administration, school registers, admissions, records, automation.

Students will have an understanding about the things involved in managing a school office.

Class room layout

Roofing, flooring, side walls, furniture, board arrangement, seat and sitting arrangements, uniforms.

Students will be able to make a layout plan of their classroom.

Education and human values

Meaning of values, Classification of values, Concept of value-based education, programs for developing values of various kinds.

Students will know about the concept of values and how to bring up a value-based education among children.

Supervising & Reporting

Teachers and pupils can be supervised in 3 ways, principles of supervision, Reporting.

Students will learn how to do effective supervising and reporting.

Topic 2 –Teaching Methodology

Role of a Teacher

Qualities of a teacher, Teacher as an observer, Conduct, Obedience, Roles and responsibilities, As a bridge between the soul of a child and external reality.

Student will understand the different roles of a teacher.

Effective communication


Communication Cycle, Steps in communication process, classroom communication, Types of classroom communication, Types of communication, Types of management.

Students will understand the concept of effective communication in classroom and in an organization.



What is Psychology, Nature and Scope of Psychology, Relation between Teachers and Psychology, Child & his behavior.

Students will understand the importance of Psychology and the role it plays life in general.

Teaching methodology

You explore the benefits of Montessori teaching method as well as other preschool teacher training methods.

Students will understand montessori training as well as British EYFS training methods.

Child Development and Growth -1

Growth and Development, Difference between Growth and Development, Principles of Development, Factors affecting Growth &Development, Biological Mechanisms of Development.

Students will study the growth and development of a child.

Child Development and Growth -2

Physical and Motor Development, Social Development, Emotional Development, Mental or Intellectual Development, Language Development.

Students will learn different types of developments happening in child’s growth.


This is to make sure that all children are included in a class irrespective of the disability or learning disorder.

Students will be able to learn about inclusion and the importance of it.

Shaping the future generation

In other words, society of cohesion, Factors regarding cohesion, Result of cohesion – (Adherence)

Students will understand how to develop a society of children with cohesion.

Health Education

Health & Physical fitness, Hygiene Activities & Resources, Food habits, Balanced Diet, Essential ingredients for a child’s mental health.

Students will learn about the importance of health and fitness in child development.

General Awareness

Common Childhood Diseases, Immune system activities and resources, First Aid, Child welfare.

Students will be aware of, how to protect children from harmful influences in their environment and take care of their education.

Topic – 3 Practical Workshop


Active learning methods. Cooperative learning, Storytelling and English language development.

Students will be able to exercise different methods of teaching by being more interactive, involving and resourceful.

Classroom Management


Promoting and rewarding positive behaviors. Class control

Student will know how to have effective communication to attain a productive class environment.



Discovering one’s potential by exploring the possibilities in life and taking up new challenges that will catapult then forward.

It will enable the students to practice self-awareness, confidence and self-improvement.

Subject Specific

Teaching various subjects by maximizing rich and meaningful topics thereby enhancing the knowledge of the children.

Students will know how to have a theme flowing through all the lessons.

Course type 2: International certificate for EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) United Kingdom


  • Food Hygiene level 2*
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection level 2**


  • Let’s Look at Progress Checks
  • Supporting 0-2 Year Olds
  • Supporting 2 Year Olds
  • Supporting 3-5 Year Olds


  • Let’s Look at Evaluative Practice and Impact Measurement
  • Managing Performance through Effective Appraisal
  • Managing Time Effectively
  • Safer Recruitment, Selection and Induction


  • Phonics
  • Reading and Storytelling
  • Writing


  • Number
  • Shape, Space and Measure
  • Making Maths Matter
  • Maths in Early Years
  • Mini Maths Explorers – Outdoor Challenge


  • Baby Room Leader – NEW!
  • Nurturing Well-being and Resilience for all Staff – NEW!
  • Exemplary Practice with: Babies, Toddlers,
  • Two-Year-Olds, and Three-to-Five-Year-Olds
  • Outstanding Practice
  • Quality Teaching in Early Years
  • Promoting Positive Behaviour
  • Supporting Children with SEND
  • Let’s Look at Schemas
  • Little Scientists Leading the Way
  • Cohort Tracking
  • Characteristics of Effective Learning
  • Home Learning Environment.