Online Education of Preschoolers; How It Affects Them 

Coronavirus also known as Covid-19 is a virus that has affected many lives including preschoolers including the kindergartens near me. Looking at its massive spread, WHO has declared it as a pandemic during the first phase of the spread as reported by many teacher training in trivandrum. Therefore, most of the countries announced a lock down and everyone is required to work from home including those who are in the education sector worldwide. Due to the pandemic, students have gone through a roller coaster from attending physical classes every morning to studying online at home. The rapid transitions of Covid-19 pandemic have impacted students and lecturers in higher education institutions critically as reported by teacher training in trivandrum. Both teachers and students around the world have faced many challenges using online platforms for teaching and learning in international schools in kerala. The effects of this pandemic are unpredictable and it has an impact on the education system; most of the countries had to adapt with the new teaching and current learning method.

These sorts of rapid changes could somehow affect their mental health or well-being. According reported by some ICSE schools in trivandrum, although it is undeniable that online learning is considered the best solution to ensure consistency of learning in this era of the “new norm”, there may be certain setbacks such as a varied loss of human presence, detecting the incomprehension of students by facial gestures, even cracking small jokes to light up the mood, student participation, and communication that can be achieved more effectively in classrooms even for teacher training in trivandrum. On the bright side, this pandemic has opened opportunities for many people in various fields which includes teachers and students. The global pandemic has opened up opportunities for the nation to update its current methods of education and turn its focus on utilising technology on great levels of ttc in trivandrum. Thus, this paper reviewed literature on the issues of psychological impact on students’ online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic times!

Literature Review

A Panacea in the Time of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the whole world in many aspects. According to teacher training in trivandrum, each pandemic has had a sociological, economic and psychological impact on society and all the pandemics that occur have harmed and even killed large numbers of people. Throughout this period of time, all the countries affected by the pandemic were required to take action, including the education sector by enforcing the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in best play school also. As most countries started enforcing Movement Control Order (MCO), all sectors such as economy and health were required to find a solution to make their routine operate as usual and follow the procedure set by their respective governments. Not to forget the education sector, where they have to stop all physical contact in school and start working from home for montessori teacher training too. This is to ensure safety that teachers and students are not exposed to the virus.

Most education sectors chose to conduct online teaching-learning as a way to prevent the virus from its spread. Kindergartens near me mentioned that there was no choice but to switch completely to online teaching and learning for many academic institutions that were previously hesitant to change their traditional pedagogical approach. During this pandemic, students were unable to be at school and the lesson solely took part via online learning and because students often do not have physical interaction with the outside world and their psychological condition is somehow influenced by it. Most governments encourage those who feel mentally affected to seek help from the professionals around them or from the initiative set by the government itself as reported by teacher training trvandrum. For instance, montessori teacher training stated the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development in India formed a hotline as an initiative to provide psychological help available for those who are affected by the stay-home order which was extended to curb the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak at the beginning. There are also hotlines that can be called by those who are dealing with emotional breakdowns due to the MCO to seek assistance and emotional support.

Psychological Impact on Students during Covid-19

Montessori teacher training in Kerala was reported that defines stress as “a particular relationship between the person and the environment as well that is appraised by the person as taxing or exceeding his or her resources and endangering his or her well-being” can take place. Schools should expect students to react to the pandemic in a maximum variety of ways that will vary depending upon the students’ personal experiences and developmental level; however, it is likely that negative reactions may improve over time as happened during the high spread times of montessori teacher training. In conjunction to that, schools must be trained to discuss a wide range of psychological and physiological effects that affect students, in addition to the academic requirements that would inevitably emerge as a result of the continued closing of the campus or preschools.

Students are required to change their learning method from in-class to online learning even for kindergartens trivandrum. The learning process, initially was conducted face-to-face in classrooms, but has been shifted to home learning using the online system or distance learning through the use of various existing media in proximity. The online learning was used for their daily lesson and to assess their academic performance and it some manner causes the students to get stressed. It is supported by ICSE schools in trivandrum where they mentioned one of the contributing factors to students’ stress rate is the pressure of online lecture tasks, which requires them to use online media that they have only learned and must comprehend instantly from playschools trivandrum also.

This pandemic does not only mentally affect adults but also students which can sometimes worsen their conditions. Corresponding to montessori training, they pointed out the psychological effect of the public health crisis is long lasting. The worries about pandemics usually dissolves after a period of time. However, the impact of normalising new things might affect students’ academic achievement as well. They had also stated that fear and the risk to the health of a person can gradually dissipate as the pandemic reaches its tail end for montessori training also. Nevertheless, the idea of the spread of disease itself and the desire to switch to a “new normal” will have a long-term psychological effect on these students. In exchange, this can influence the academic performance of the students in certain ways.


Motivation is one of the important aspects for every individual including students. It will help a person to perform better in the forward direction with determination. Motivation is needed for students and it can occur in various ways. Experts stated that motivation is a meta definition of well-researched theoretical frameworks such as expectation-value with intrinsic-extrinsic, and involves, among others, a multitude of similar theories such as self-efficacy, objective theory, knowledge theories, preference theory, the theory of self-determination etc for kindergartens near me. Howsoever, many students around the world had to transfer from face-to-face teaching to an online learning system in the middle of the semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic in playschools trivandrum.

In general, students have limited capacity to absorb information, and it is likely that the combinations of learning modalities can result in consequences like cognitive exhaustion, undermining the ability to learn new information adequately. According to ttc in kerala mental wellbeing problems remain as the biggest barrier to academic achievement. It can impair students’ motivation, attention and social interaction which are the main reasons for students to excel in education. They also suggest that the best factors of academic achievement include; teachers must have constructive verbal motivation to promote students’ academic achievement; teachers must display a positive mindset that helps inspire students in montessori teacher training, behaviours that are important to cognitive engagement in learning environments. It would be able to inspire students in different ways to succeed academically.


Anxiety in almost all cases is a dynamic emotional state of tension, uneasiness, concern, and other uncomfortable feelings induced by the coming and potential danger of a person as studies say. Reasonable anxiety is conducive to improving the brain’s reaction speed and alertness, thereby improving learning effectiveness and engagement, whereas unnecessary anxiety decreases the interest of students in learning and academic success especially with ttc in kerala. For example, in a recent study focused on Chinese medical college students provide evidence that higher levels of anxiety were correlated with factors closely linked to COVID-19, something as a COVID-19-diagnosed patient.


Anxiety among students occurs during the lockdown because everyone was essentially required to stay at home and all teaching and learning platforms took part virtually for teacher training in trivandrum also. Students’ lost connection with human presence therefore it affects them in different manners both mentally and emotionally. Ttc in kerala have found that due to the possible risk of death caused by COVID-19, separation and lockdown, and the abrupt shift in teaching mode has raised the level of anxiety in such a way that generated intense pressure on most people including the ones looking for preschool admission.

Covid-19 has also helped students’ struggle to keep up the good result of their performance in learning that was previously done face-to-face for teacher training in trivandrum. The determination to maintain a flying colour result causes them unusual stress which also leads to serious injuries. Due to the impact of Covid-19 on their performance, abnormal stress and depression among students are also reported to be associated with increased self-injury and suicide attempts according to reports of montessori training. The decision taken by most governments around the world to prevent the massive spread and deaths has also given a psychological effect on the public as well. Icse schools in trivandrum said the fear of death due to COVID-19 causes the government to take initiatives to monitor the transmission of the virus which has impacted people and students’ mental health in various manners. A largely unexplored observation is the psychological influence of COVID-19 on Indian students and teacher training in trivandrum.

Several studies have been discussing the challenges related to the implementation of e-learning in kindergartens near me. The pandemic has caused a lot of changes, learning activities that were previously in a traditional classroom setting that has now switched to an online learning environment in the country and for teacher training in trivandrum. Changes as such could lead to minor disruption in students’ wellbeing and ability to cope up or grasp during the lessons. Students have found that online learning is beneficial for them, as they can get ample access while listening to lectures and doing the assignments. Based on prior experience possessing with technology, students gain self-efficacy with online learning and may need preparation and assistance to use learning resources and platforms before beginning an online course in teacher training in trivandrum and discovered that introducing and working with online communication tools were essential communication among students while sending reminders and providing rubrics for assignments represented the most important benefit in student-teacher interactions as per reports. Ultimately, once the student feels they have knowledge and information to help them, their use of the program would have a positive impact on many.

Montessori training found that many students were happy with online education, which further revealed that e-learning in countries where higher education institutions are small would help higher education. Besides that, they notice that it becomes very clear that by their effect on the learning experience they undergo, students are profoundly aware of the changes brought about by digital technologies. The involvement of technology allows students to think out of the box rather than thinking only thoughts they are taught to. Through online learning, students are able to sharpen their ideas by thinking critically and creatively which also will enhance their participation by involving in all apt activities conducted by the teachers. 


There are many studies which have proven psychological impact on students due to COVID-19 and the changes of traditional classrooms to an online environment. This is in line with montessori training who believe that learning practises can be conveniently carried out by learners anywhere as they are not constrained by time and space. Online learning seems to be the best choice for teaching and learning in a pandemic Covid-19, particularly for students who are equipped with good internet facilities. However, online learning has a negative effect to say For instance, students have trouble accessing online learning caused by an insufficient network and have to use their mobile phones on an ongoing regular basis. This then causes them to be left out from the lessons that were conducted and it affects their academic achievement. These factors lead students to have depression and anxiety as reported by teacher training in trivandrum. It is suggested that the government sector must take all necessary steps to assist students who only have poor internet connectivity as well as gadgets that are the key prerequisite to be eligible to enrol in online courses. It will also serve to decrease the percentage of mentally impaired students as a cause for their academic achievement. In short, this review paper highlights issues encountered by students and educators during the coronavirus pandemics in the country. They were also not prepared for a full online experience, internet issues, lack of gadgets and social support due to the depression and anxiety faced by them even in montessori training.


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