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There are numerous institutions and organizations offering Teacher Training Courses for individuals interested in pursuing a career in education. Some popular TTC in kerala include:

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  1. B.Ed (Bachelor of Education): This is a common undergraduate program for individuals aspiring to become school teachers.
  2. D.Ed (Diploma in Education): This is a diploma program that focuses on elementary education.
  3. Nursery Teacher Training (NTT): Specifically designed for those interested in teaching at the nursery or pre-primary level.
  4. Montessori Teacher Training: Training programs based on the Montessori education philosophy.
  5. Early Childhood Education (ECE): Courses that prepare individuals for teaching young children in preschools and early childhood settings.
  6. Elementary Teacher Training (ETT): Training programs for teaching at the elementary level.
  7. Special Education Courses: Courses for teachers interested in working with students with special needs.

To find specific TTC courses in Kerala, you can explore educational institutions, universities, and teacher training centers. Many universities and colleges across India offer these courses.